Dragon Ball player wins tournament in the most anime way

Gohan and Goku scream in unison, blasting Cell with a father and son kamehameha.

Don’t mess with Wawa, he has the power of a crying baby and anime on his side.
Screenshot: Bandai Namco

Over the weekend, life imitated art in the most grandiose way you can imagine in a fighting game tournament, and guys, it’s to tears.

During Heat Wave 2022, a fighting game tournament not to be confused with our climate crisis, victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat in an epic series of matches. The hero of our fairy tale is BMS|Wawa, a 20-year-old guy. Dragon Ball SlayerZ player and the favorite to win the entire tournament. However, like WWE’s John Cena, the fans present were outraged at the prospect of Wawa due to his experience in the game and turned against him. They ultimately got their wish after he was sent to the underdog after a match against another FGC player, Zane.

Most of those present were delighted with the fall of Vava, with the exception of one and only child. Like Gohan crying in the forest after being “left alone” by his mentor Piccolo, the commentator Skambi’s son wept in pain over the loss of Vava. Impressed by the child’s tears, Wawa made an anime-style promise that he would win the entire tournament, adding that “I will never lose again.” Chills.

According to Event Centersafter Wawa reportedly hugged his young fan, he started playing the completely different level. Eventually, the Saiyan path of Wawa’s destruction took him out of the underdog category and led to a rematch with the man who sent him there.

Guys, Vava not only successfully won his rematch against Zayn, but also made it clean: 3:0 win. However, Vava’s journey didn’t just end with his victory over Zane. Vava’s buff eventually led him to the tournament finals in a match against Kane, as if to say, “is to go even further“.

And then he lost. Joking! Could you imagine? The child’s tears were not in vain; Wawa won the entire tournament. She and Kane had very close match but unfortunately for Kane, Wawa received a spiritual bomb-like power-up from a crying baby in his corner. Although, to Kane’s credit, he was a good sportsman and even took a picture of Vava and his fan to mark the moment.

“Very happy with the event and the way I played, had to do it for the kid 😤😤”, Wawa said on Twitter. “Ggs to Kane and everyone they played very well. Adult Gohan is my goat, frfr.”

Vava’s victory effectively proves that anything is really possible in a fighting game tournament, no matter how anime cliché it may be.

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