Developer ambushes NFT in public appearances, crypto sponsors angry

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During the International Game Festival in Brazil last week, developer Mark Venturelli (Chrome Squad) was scheduled to give a talk titled “The Future of Game Design”. After a few seconds, he scrolled down and revealed the real title of the presentation – “Why the NFT is a nightmare” – a room full of applause.

The conversation is absolutely directed to the idea introduction of NFT and “play to earn” in video games, attacking environmental costs, predatory practices, and the fact that they will turn games into salt mines and sweatshops rather than creative works that people can simply enjoy. We already knew all the things, but it’s always nice to see how a developer strengthens the point of view on the forum among his colleagues.

A video of the speech has been uploaded to YouTube, but since it’s entirely in Portuguese, most of you won’t find it useful. Below, however, it should automatically play until Venturelli pauses, laughs and switches, a universal moment that we can all enjoy.

O Futuro do Game Design (Big Festival 2022)

As PC gamer reportit is important to note here that he pulled this trick with the blessing of the organizers of the event, because among the main sponsors of the Brazilian International Gaming Festival were several crypto, NFT and blockchain companies, some of which were furious about the content. Venturelli’s speeches.

“These people are strangers here, they are not important,” he said about scammers during the presentation. “They are just trying to buy their relevance because they have no real impact on the future of our industry. If you just give them that space without objection, you’re just giving them exactly what they want and buying their storytelling that they’re relevant.”

In a subsequent interview with PC gamer, Venturelli says: “I heard that the sponsors were very angry. They tried to intervene while I was talking, but the organization wouldn’t let them… It was never their intention to shut me up or anything like that.”

Although the video of the speech was in Portuguese, Venturelli has since uploaded a translated set of slides to accompany the presentation. which you can check here.

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