Dall-E Mini renders fake Half-Life and Mass Effect sequels

The series of images are surreal AI-generated screenshots of a hypothetical version of the Agent.

Image: Rockstar / Dall-E mini / Kotaku

We must keep the dream! Besides, I’m a sucker for those first two Born the movies – the last one lost the thread and god never read those fucking books… I’ll never get that time back – which got an ambitious but not very good video game adaptation. It just left me wanting a real spy thriller from a video game, and I, like many, always hoped that Rockstar was long in development. Agent eventually show up to deliver it.

Well. It will never happen. I’m really wondering if Dall-E has connected the dots right because these environments absolutely scream “open world Rockstar game”. And that’s where I think, purely theoretically Agent a sequel would be really great.

Spy thrillers are good fun, but the action takes place in an open world, perhaps with a dash of ancient ringenigmatic style that doesn’t explain anything to you and we would have a game where we race around a metropolis trying to piece together some top secret government conspiracy while chasing people across rooftops and getting into gunfights where you want to dodge cops not only because they are opposing forces, but also because they will blow your cover? Ugh, Dall-E, stop teasing me.

So you have it! 10 games we’ll never see but, thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence, we can dream about. Maybe he did become sane after all! This is basically my list, so I’m sure you have plenty of your own incredible sequels you’d love to see.

Now we can imagine a probably not too far-fetched future where the AI ​​could just make a game based on such a hint. And, of course, this development of technology, where we can create complex media with a simple language, will force us to reconsider our outdated intellectual property and copyright laws adopted in the pre-digital age. Right? …Right?

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