Cheer up this holiday season with L’Oréal’s holiday beauty deals

Cheer up this holiday season with L'Oréal's holiday beauty deals
Think you can meet someone under the mistletoe? Give yourself a holiday lipstick. L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Gold Addiction Satin Lipstick comes in eight gorgeous shades from pink to gold! The satin lipstick is infused with micro-gold pearls for a subtle, light-reflecting golden shimmer effect that’s perfect for the holidays. The creamy formula containing argan oil, lotus flower oil and chimney rose fruit oil will leave your lips soft, smooth and hydrated, of course with a stunning tint. We personally add several shades, including Gold Gold, Ruby Gold, and Plum Gold, to our holiday wish lists, and with fingers crossed, they end up in our stockings.

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