Blade Runner Remake Continues Switcheroo Store Mess

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Drama and oddity around the catastrophic Blade Runner: Extended Edition the remake continues this week. Last time we checked in, customers were very dissatisfied with the state of the gameand the creators of the popular and long-running fan version were halted by the release of this new edition.

There have been some changes now, at least on the Good Old Games storefront. When Nightdive Extended edition was first released, it took the place of a faithful recreation of the original 1997 game that was remastered by fans, removing not only the ability to download this version, but also removing its positive reviews (the remake, at the time of publication, has an overall rating of 1.5/5).

An attempt was made to remedy this when in Extended edition started compiling a fan version with her, which means that anyone who buys a newer game will get the old one for free. But that also meant that anyone who wanted to play the fan version would have to buy Extended editiongiving Nightdive money for something they didn’t do (and possibly paying for a version of the game you didn’t even want).

So the good old games are now done another edit, this time editing Blade Runner the store listing defaults to the fan version, and Nightdive is now available separately from the drop-down menu. Both options cost the same amount of money, and Extended edition still includes a fan game is free, but the older fan-made game has been restored to positive reviews (it was 4.7/5 at the time of publication), and if you only want to buy this edition, you can now do so.

Blade Runner

(I’m in Australia so AU$14.50)
Screenshot: good old games

Since this sounds incredibly confusing, here’s what the GoG store listing actually looks like. Buy the top version and you will only get the fan version and the money will go towards Blade Runner copyright holders, Alcon. Buy a second one and you’ll get both and the money goes towards Nightdive.

Note that this only applies to the GoG list; only version available on Steam Extended edition (which again includes both versions), although it didn’t make much of a difference on Valve’s storefront as the fan-made game was previously only available on GoG, so it wasn’t pushed out.

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