Bethesda Hires Another Fallout London Modder

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Image: Team Kotaku/Bethesda/Folon

Aftermath: London looks great! Honestly, this could pass for a real official add-on if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a fan-made mod. And apparently the company is behind fall outBethesda agrees that London looks amazing because he keeps hiring ambitious mod developers.

The news of the latest hiring came yesterday, on the official Aftermath: London on Twitter when the people behind the project revealed that its chief technical advisor, Rian Johnson, was leaving the highly publicized Fallout 4 the mod team started working on Bethesda. By itself, this news is impressive and cool. The fact that Bethesda is knocking around looking for talent is a testament to how promising the mod looks.

The mod team said they were all “excited to see the worlds he can build” for Bethesda as he begins his new job at the company.

So this is one. But what’s even wilder about all of this is that it’s not the first time this has happened. Around this time last year, Stephanie Zachariadis, who was then Aftermath: Londonchief writer, left the development team after being hired by Bethesda Game Studios. as a quest designer.

And in an update announcing this latest departure, the team announced that another one of its members was also offered a role at Bethesda. This time it was fashion’s own project manager, Dean Carter, who had apparently been offered a position to work with. Fallout 76 at Bethesda’s UK office. However, Carter turned down the job after “very hard introspection” and will remain to see Aftermath: London until completion.

London the team suggested that some modders use large, well-known projects to “clean-fill CVs”, while others do so for the community, team, and fans. They wrote that it was “not easy to give up the dream of your life” instead of working for free on a fan mod, and suggested that Carter’s decision to stay was a sign of his “dedication” and “dedication” to the mod and his team.

Concerning Aftermath: Londona massive mod for PC that will add a whole new London-style world. Fallout 4 The developers of the project stated that, complete with new quests and weapons, Johnson’s departure would not cause development delays. Apparently his departure had been known for some time and he helped make sure the team could move on before he left.

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