Assassin’s Creed Valhalla YouTube leaks tease Iron Man suit

Eivor in his Iron Man suit fires a laser beam.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / AndyReloads

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dataminers have recently discovered the files of the Iron Man skin that fires from the chest of the Unibeam. The skin is not currently available on the Ubisoft digital store, but fans are hoping it will be released sometime in the future.

Armor has been discovered Assassin’s Creed a dataminer named Pedder, who previously mined DLC Information from the game files, which later proved to be accurate. YouTube video show a red and yellow armor set that fires a laser beam from the chest, and a similar white variant. Unibeam can be activated using the Battle Cry ability in Valhalla. The set also includes a mechanical raven, a mount and two swords.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update – A new set of enhanced Star Wars mechanical armor has been found!

This isn’t the first time Marvel has been involved. Assassin’s Creed cosmetics appeared. Andy used to brag Thanos skin video titled “Master of the Elements”. This unreleased skin includes colorful jeweled gloves that activate different abilities every few seconds. Some fans are a little upset Ubisoft hasn’t actually released any of these skins or even confirmed their existence. Kotaku Ubisoft has been contacted about whether these skins will be released, but were unable to get a comment as of press time.

A Marvel collaboration wouldn’t even be the most unusual crossover to hit history. Assassin’s Creed series. back when origins was still receiving updates, players might stumble upon last fantasy Easter egg in ancient Egypt. Iron Man’s robot might be a little out of place in medieval England, but I’d say Chocobo’s mount was much more edgy as he rode across the desert sands. Assassin’s CreedFortnite-ification continues.

Despite Ubisoft’s problems with delays and cancellations, Valhalla has a relatively tight release schedule. This spring, the publishing house launched a major Dawn of Ragnarok an expansion that added a ton of quests from Norse mythology to an already massive open-world RPG. Ubisoft released Valhalla expansion every year since the game was first released and it shows no signs of slowing down. So I’m not too worried if the developers spend a little more time customizing skins that absolutely no one even expected from a viking game.

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