Artist creates delicious 3D ramen bowl with Unity Engine

Harry Alisavakis is a technical and visual effects artist working in the video game industry. He is also the creator of some of the most amazing 3D art I have ever seen.

As part #TechnicallyAChallengechallenging the tech artist community that grew out of the controversy that was actually started by Alisavakis, he decided to try the latest theme, which was “food”.

In just one night, for a total of about 5-6 hours of work, Alisavakis was able to build this scene in Unity, creating all the models from scratch. He tells me that he spent most of his time “setting up and moving lights”, and that while most of the shaders used were already on hand, the one he made specifically for this project – the “special soup shader” – blew . on Twitter over the weekend, and for good reason:

The steam, the shiny broth, the glitter of the eggs, ah, I got hungry just looking at it. If you’re wondering how it all looks so “anime,” Alisawakis says “it was a combination of figuring out how food looks like in anime and how to make things not look 3D.”

“I used a shallow field of view to make the scene look almost orthogonal because perspective distortion can give the scene away as 3D, and I didn’t use the default Unity shaders as they are too soft for shading and lighting,” he says. “A cheat I also use with these effects is lowering the frame rate of some animations to make them look like they’re hand-drawn.”

If you are more tech savvy, Alisavakis wrote the topic where he delves into the smallest details of how he assembled the piece. For example, here’s a gif showing all the individual components he had to model:

If you want to see more of Alisavakis’ work, you can check it out on his personal site, Art Station Page as well as Twitter account.

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