Alex Jones’ perjury revelation funnier via Phoenix Wright

Ace Attorney himself cross-examines Alex Jones.

On Wednesday, right-wing media barker Alex Jones learned that his lawyers had accidentally sent prosecutors a copy of his cell phone records. “You know what perjury is, don’t you?” asked the plaintiffs’ lawyer when Jones tried to extricate himself from the new crimes. Now one of the wildest moments in a modern courtroom is forever immortalized in the best live action adaptation of a court drama: Phoenix Wright: First Grade Lawyer.

To post the scene in case you somehow missed it yesterday: Alex Jones was on the booth at last day of his first defamation trial brought in by two parents of a child killed in a Sandy Hook school shooting. Jones is accused of spreading false reports for years that the shooting was a hoax and the parents were liars.

In a surprise 11-hour twist, the parents’ lawyer revealed that Jones’ lawyers accidentally sent him a digital copy of his phone with all the text messages on it, including ones he previously said he couldn’t find or didn’t exist. . At first, Jones tried to claim that this was proof that he had correctly disclosed the information, and then suggested that he had no idea what was going on because “I’m not a techie.”

And now, while the jury is debating damages up to $150 million, Eji video game animator on youtube provided the perfect Phoenix Wright exchange repetition:

Phoenix Wright caught Alex Jones in perjury

While Jones struggled to negotiate $120,000 apiece with families back in March and argued that the lawsuits would deprive him of his livelihood, financial records filed yesterday in court showed the InfoWars host sometimes made up to $800,000 apiece. day. The copy of Jones’ texts obtained by the prosecution is also now at the request of a committee of the US House of Representatives investigation into the attack on the Capitol on 6 January.

Jones lawyers since demanded a mistrial. The judge said no.

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