After $15,000 Diablo Immortal Player Gets Legendary Gem

Diablo the Immortal

Image: blizzard

The last time we signed up for a streamer Queen and his attempts to buy his way to glory in Diablo the Immortal, he spent $6600 and didn’t get any 5-star legendary stone.. I’m happy(?) to report that after more than doubling his investment, he finally got his booty.

As I wrote at the beginning of the month:

You would think that after a while you would end up with one of the best items in the game, a 5-star Legendary Gem, because that’s how the law of averages works, right? Wrong! As Quin69 has clearly shown here, the law of averages is inherently cruel and unpredictable, which is why bookies have used it since time immemorial, and why games like Diablo the Immortal are built on predatory economic models designed to exploit the most dangerous and vulnerable psychological impulses of people.

What happened then! It’s now, and Quinn has since posted this, spending NZ$25,165 ($15,818) on the game, of which NZ$10,000 comes from one thread– He has a 5-star Legendary Jewel:

Remember that just buying your way to these items it’s not the only way to get them, and as we saw here is really the worst way, but that’s not the point. The thing is, having this option at all is one of the reasons the predatory game economy sucks!

As Kotaku Australia wrote when reporting your “achievement”:

Quinn certainly came under fire throughout the experiment. His reckless spending and outbursts of white-hot rage after bad falls have led many to wonder about his emotional stability. Others, even in our comments, were unhappy that he gave Blizzard exactly what it wanted: his money. Eventually, however, he proved his point. Chasing five-star Legendary Gems is a fool’s errand, a system designed to clear bank accounts while giving very little back to the player.

Anyway, thanks for your service, Quin69. Now you can stop playing Diablo Immortal forever.

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