7 Action Roguelite Games You Should Play If You Love Vampire Survivors

Spirit Hunters: Endless Horde Launch Trailer

When I started writing this, I didn’t expect to find a game that I liked. more how Vampire Survivors. Many of them are derivatives in some way, and given the constant development of most of the games on this list, AGAINST just has a head start. The recurring releases give him an edge as everyone else plays catch up. Well, everything except – in my opinion –Spirit hunters.

First, it’s just beautiful graphics. Really crisp, crisp cartoon art, superbly rendered in both its complex menus and its ultra-clear battlefields. But more importantly, it seems to be a lot harder to play, like it’s an evolutionary step for our Horde auto shooters, pushing towards something more RPG.

The main game is familiar. You choose one of your unlocked heroes, then they automatically launch your chosen range of attacks (up to four, from an ever-expanding pool), which you constantly level up with the drops you collect. It’s easy enough to find the combination of attacks that works best for you, but on top of that, you have a ton of other items to collect for both in-combat upgrades and out-of-combat unlocks.

There are gold coins that can be used in spawning tent shops to get extra health, other forms of currency, or even pets (once unlocked) to use on the battlefield. Then there are purple shards and gray runes, each used to unlock new abilities, ability upgrades, playable characters, cards, power-ups, and so on in an incredibly complex network of skills. This adds an element of grinding, but in a good way, as you can go for a run focusing not on completing the 15-minute level (and therefore fighting its final boss), but instead focusing on collecting shards. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a new skill or an unlock that will open up a whole web of other possibilities.

It absolutely hooked me, even more than AGAINST. It feels fuller and more complex, with more interesting maps to explore and a greater sense of interest in lows and highs. And it’s not even done! There’s still at least six months of development ahead, even though I think it’s ready for release right now.


Here we are. Seven Alternatives Vampire Survivors, some maybe (whispering) even better. But you should have your own suggestions, both for games released after it and those that preceded it with so many of the same ideas. Please leave suggestions in the comments below.

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