5 tips for playing Witch Strandings inspired by the new Death Stranding

Note in the game Witch Strandings.

Screenshot: Strange scaffold

Witches this is the second official “strand” type gamea genre (but more like an ideal) first introduced by Hideo Kojima in a vehicle-oriented death thread. Like that other game Witches makes you travel across a ruined, dangerous landscape to deliver things. Unlike that other game Witches it’s bare bones, berry-colored squares, and creatures, all pixel-heavy. At first glance, its mission as a “strand” game is incomprehensible, so I made a list of five things you need to know before you play.

1. You are your mouse, your mouse is you

Officially you play Witches like a thin needle of light, but in fact you are your computer mouse. You can’t play this game with a controller or keyboard, so don’t even think about it. You can click and you can drag.

How much fun this restriction is depends on your relationship with the mouse. Mine is a bit sticky when moving around on its pad, which is a pity since mouse sliding is what is considered the main mode of movement in this game. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse, and whether you want to pick up items by clicking and dragging or by toggling, but whichever you choose, it’s a good idea to make room for mouse movement. Get out your smoothest and widest mouse pad. Get ready to move.

2. The map is small but dangerous

Luckily for your mouse, you won’t have to travel much.

When you create a new file, the game’s rather sweet story appears in the form of a brief message: “There are dark creatures in this forest – and you are not one of them. You arrive silently, in a cloud of dust and magic created by the forest itself at its very heart. A spirit of light to confront the darkness of the witch that destroyed it, one miracle at a time.” The forest is really dark, and all its square elements appear in the deep shades of autumn. It has different areas marked by certain items or terrain (the Killing Fields are littered with shriveled carcasses, the Riverhead is overgrown with grass), but it’s small, especially if you use your mouse scroll to zoom out all the way.

it’s the same unaltered. Days pass and time is measured by the ticking grandfather clock in the lower right corner, but it doesn’t really matter how the forest looks or behaves. (If you spot anything I missed, please let me know in the comments!).

Due to the repetitiveness of the tiny map, I often lost patience when looking for things and often encountered hostile terrain, each marked with different colors or patterns and affecting your mouse movement. Dirt, for example, is represented by mottled brown blocks and is a tedious job forcing you to drag the mouse through with jerky physical movements or stay face-still.

Even more inconveniently, accidentally hovering over areas consisting of rushing water, poison, or bright pink hexes will quickly deplete your health bar until you die (your bar regenerates quickly if you back off in time). Be patient and careful as you navigate this tiny but deadly map.

Purple and brown tiles in Witch Strandings.

Actions that help the forest in turn help you.
Screenshot: Strange scaffold

3. You urgently need a large bag

Your main goal, as a small point of light, is to restore the full potential of the forest. can be tracked by watching the bare tree in the lower left corner of the screen. By delivering items, you will gradually restore the forest creatures and buildings to their former glory, shown by the filling of the tree. However, at the beginning, it’s one item at a time. As a result, you get a storage bag. The bag can carry one more item.

Let me level with you – I’m a very impatient person, and bringing the dull woodland creatures in the game their healing treats, as silly and funny as their names might be (my favorite being a bunny named “Chad Shakespeare”), was annoying as hell. . My impatience, of course, brings us back to the problem of terrain running, and I have died a lot. I died twice in the tutorial.

this is useful to develop the habit of remembering where you usually see certain items so you don’t waste time in a pile of poisonous pixels. But take this big bag as soon as you can.

4. People love to take and take, don’t they?

If you’re good at knowing where all the drugs and knick-knacks are, you’re still not entirely safe.

The passing days signal a change in the needs of forest creatures – if they were disturbed yesterday, they may be hungry and thirsty today. They look like helpless babies named Chad Shakespeare, and while you are a benevolent ray of light, if you are tired of all the moaning, you can kill them using the skull item you can find in a hollow tree.

Killing earns you a tragic -4023 points compared to 200 points for helping, but if you decide to go down the path of evil, despite the wishes of the game, know that I personally will not judge you. Otherwise, place high demand thing in your pouch.


This is my most important tip: if you die, keep dragging your cursor towards the bottom of the screen until you reach a flash of white light and sound that will transport you back to the forest.

It has been established that I died too many times on my first playthrough, and each time I felt like smashing my boyfriend’s $3,000 gaming computer with a sledgehammer. But it’s not Nvidia’s fault that Witches has such a stupid resurrection process. Of course, it’s touching – flying your light through the pitch darkness of the screen of death, you feel like you are in a universal soup flying towards your humanity, but from the point of view of my carpal tunnel, dragging a mouse through eternity was not ideal. Just keep in mind, okay?

And let me know what you think of Witches, or if you have other helpful tips. We are, culturally, just getting to know the “spin type” game.

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