The Best GMAT Prep Books for 2022

Getting a high score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is crucial if you want to enrol in a prestigious business school. In spite of the difficulty involved, your chances of doing well on the GMAT significantly increase if you use the top GMAT books available to help you study. A decent GMAT study guide will provide an overview of every subject area tested. Here, then, is a primer to assist you in selecting the most useful GMAT practise materials.

One, Manhattan Prep’s The Complete Guide to the GMAT, Seventh Edition

This two-volume bundle of GMAT preparation books from Manhattan Prep Publishing is ideal. This book provides a comprehensive overview of everything you’ll need to know for the GMAT 2022, and it also includes numerous sample questions to help you get ready. Over its more than 1500 pages, it provides in-depth explanations of how to approach each component of the exam. This book is one of the top GMAT preparation books for 2022, and it will help you learn the material and create the strategies you’ll need to do well on the exam. It also gives you an understanding of the fundamentals underlying the GMAT’s question types.

Momentrix’s GMAT Strategy Guide: The Insider’s Guide

The book is one of the most extensive and all-encompassing GMAT guides available, clocking in at over 200 pages. Everything from inspirational reading to practical test-taking advice is here. All the key concepts are laid out, and there are lots of exercises to help you master the material. This is the book for you if mastering numerical content is more of a challenge for you than reasoning-based and verbal stuff. Each and every numerical exercise in the book comes with an excellent explanation. The book also includes advice on how to calm your nerves before an exam and study more efficiently.

Kaplan’s GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023

This fantastic guide includes over 350 expert-created practise problems and covers everything you’ll need to know to ace the GMAT in 2022. It has everything you need to succeed on tests and quizzes, from in-class exercises to downloadable lesson plans and answer keys to test-taking tactics. This book provides the ideal starting point for GMAT preparation and also aids in the creation of a productive study schedule. The book includes tools for fixing meta-testing problems. You’ll be able to concentrate more intently on the GMAT goal zone, which will boost your overall score.

The GMAT Official Guide, 2022 Edition, by GMAT

The GMAT prep books in this set of three are among the best available. The book was written by those responsible for the GMAT, therefore it contains authentic information about the content and format of the exam. The book is jam-packed with all the data you need to ace the exam. If you want to learn the basics thoroughly, this is the book for you. The recommended amount of time spent studying to get your desired score is also included. It is a comprehensive guide to the test’s subjective elements, such as the writing evaluations, and it comes with access to extensive internet resources. In addition, the questions in this book are of a similar level of difficulty to those on the real GMAT. This aids in creating an environment similar to that of a real exam.

The PowerScore Guide to the Graduate Management Admission Test: Reading Comprehension

This book is a must-have if you struggle with reading comprehension. There are few better guides to the GMAT reading comprehension section than the GMAT reading comprehension Bible. The exclusive focus of this book is on helping you do better on the verbal sections of the GMAT 2022; it contains zero examples or explanations of quantitative problems or concepts. The test questions in this book are designed to help you practise the reading skills you’ll learn in each chapter. As an added bonus, it includes multiple practise tests for reading comprehension that are formatted similarly to the real thing. The book is also written in language that is easy to understand.

6. Success in 30 Days on the GMAT: A Collection of 30 Day Books

This study guide is exactly what it seems like it would be: a daily study guide. There is a self-assessment section at the beginning of the book that will help you zero in on the areas where you should be spending your time and effort. All you have to do is follow the study schedule it generates for you. The lessons are brief and require little background information. This book provides adequate coverage of most of the most frequent concerns expressed by GMAT prep students. One of the best books to pass the GMAT in 30 days is this one if you don’t want to stress out over how to study.

Test Prep Books’ GMAT Official Guide + Practice Tests 7

This is one of the greatest GMAT books available, and it’s perfect for reviewing all you’ve learnt in preparation for the exam. The most crucial information for each area of the exam is highlighted throughout the book. It includes common GMAT questions, practise exams, and brief tutorials. The book also features a wealth of helpful advice for maximising your performance on the exam. It’s a good choice for people who have a few days before an exam and want to do a last-minute study of their material. There are also logic sessions and meta-testing tactics in the book that will help you do better on your exams.

So, if you want to do well on the GMAT this year, you should buy one or more of these fantastic books.

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