Books for the GRE | 10 books you need to succeed!

Candidates who wish to pursue graduate study in a foreign country are often required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Many graduate school hopefuls need to improve their GRE scores. However, without a well-thought-out plan and sufficient resources, admission to a graduate programme may prove difficult. Good GRE books are all you need to do well on the exam; all you need is a little extra incentive.

Okay, without further ado, here are the top 10 GRE prep books that will help you succeed.

Kaplan’s GRE Total Prep Package, 2021 Edition

If you want to make a well-rounded study plan, you need this package. The whole guide consists of three volumes. In preparation for exams, it offers advice on how to do well. The manual also includes access to supplemental online practise materials for the students.

This is the third edition of Manhattan Prep’s five-pound book of GRE sample problems.

This GRE test guide includes over 1,800 sample questions to help students practise for all sections of the exam. Students can use the knowledge in this book to prepare for the most recent exams. The book also features references to other reading materials.

Third, the revised and updated version of the official GRE study guide

The exam developers themselves created this collection of prep books. Due to the consolidation of the three-part set, you’ll get access to not just four full GRE exams, but also hundreds of additional GRE practise questions. They will save money compared to buying the books individually. The explanations provided for the sample questions are very straightforward.

Four, GRE Premium Prep by Princeton Review, 2021

The topics covered by the GRE exam are reflected in the book’s six full-length practise exams and accompanying quizzes. That’s why it’s so useful for students to use all of these to their full potential. They also provided extra internet resources in the book. So, if you want a tried-and-true methodology that offers effective learning resources, then GRE Premium Prep is a fantastic alternative for you.

Magoosh’s GRE Practice Test 5

GRE Prep by Magoosh provides study content that is accessible from any device. They include hundreds of study questions in this prep book, coupled with video explanations. Fresh advice on how to ace exams, straight from the mouths of educators and experts, is available in this book.

#6: GRE Tactics Books from Manhattan Prep

These texts equip readers with the study techniques and know-how necessary to perform well on standardised tests. There are a total of eight novels included in this set. Geometry, word puzzles, and algebra are only some of the subjects addressed. In addition, it provides extensive practise for a wide range of inquiries.

7 GRE Practice Tests for the Years 2021 and 2022

Expert test-taking methods, sample test questions, and thorough answer explanations are all part of this GRE prep book. Questions of varying categories, including mathematics, data analysis, and reading comprehension, are available for students to practise. This book also provides guidance on how to combat exam anxiety and establish a GRE preparation strategy. You can learn more about the material on the GRE if you use one of the best GRE practise books. It encompasses not just analytical but also verbal and numeric reasoning.

Barron’s GRE Vocabulary: 8th Edition

If you need to expand your lexicon by 800 graduate-level words, this book is a great resource. Start with a pre-test to gauge pupils’ starting knowledge, and finish with a post-test to evaluate their growth as readers.

Nine. The Princeton Review’s 5th Edition of Their GRE Practice Test with 1,027 Questions

This book provides a wealth of practise questions to help readers feel prepared for all sections of the GRE. There is also a full-length sample test and an additional 73 exercises covering verbal, numerical, and essay content. There is nothing else you need in addition to The Princeton Review’s 1,027 GRE Practice Questions. Tips and strategies for tackling the GRE are included. Also included are detailed details about the test itself and ample opportunities to practise for it.

The 10th spot goes to Mometrix’s GRE Prep for 2021 and 2022.

More than 650 practise questions with thorough explanations may be found in this book. Detailed analysis of your own performance on the GRE, broken down by question type. It can be used to create a unique learning strategy.

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