The Five Most Important Topics on the 2022 CDS Exam Syllabus

The Union Public Service Commission administers the Combined Defence Services, or CDS, test twice annually (UPSC). Those who do well on the test are recruited by the military, navy, and air force schools. Every year, there are approximately 2,00,000 test takers.

Candidates who pass the written exam will be considered for further consideration for positions at the following academies:

Academy of Military Studies of India
Academy for the Training of Indian Officers (INA) Institution Educating Sailors for India
Air Force Academy of India
Applying for the CDS exam is the first step in fulfilling your dream of joining the armed forces and protecting the country. Months of hard work and an awareness of the syllabus and test format are essential for success on this paper.

If you want to know 5 facts regarding the CDS curriculum and test, read on!

One: What is the CDS test?

Officer candidates at India’s military schools must pass the Common Defence Service Exam (CDS).
The test is given twice yearly (CDS (I) and CDS (II)) and there is a long list of conditions that must be met in order to sit for it.
Candidates that score well on the CDS exam are then put through additional rounds of testing, including mental agility and character evaluations (conducted as interviews).
Candidates are admitted to the academy based on their total score on the entrance exam and interview.

Second, what is the format of the CDS examination?

Both a written exam and an intelligence and personality test are required to earn your CDS.
Candidates get two hours to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in the written portion of the exam.
Each course is worth a maximum of 100 points.
If you want to join the military, naval, or air force, you’ll need to do well on a written exam covering the following topics: English (2 hours, 100 marks)
Common Sensibility (2 hours, 100 marks)
Mathematics (2 hours, 100 marks) (2 hours, 100 marks)
In order to enter the Officers’ Training Academy, applicants must score well on a written test including both English and General Knowledge.
Paper is written in both English and Hindi.
A two-part interview serves as a test of both cognitive ability and character.
Candidates are only allowed to go to the next round of interviews if they successfully complete the first round.
Initial evaluations are based on the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR), which include:
Examining How Well You Can Describe Images
The second round consists of a series of interviews and tests administered by a panel of officers.
Tests in Psychology
Conclusion of Meeting
A candidate’s character is evaluated by a psychologist, a Group Testing Officer (GTO), and an Interviewing Officer (IO).

Thirdly, can you tell me about the course requirements for CDS?

Learning what will be covered on the CDS exam can allow prospective candidates to better organise their study time.

The syllabus for each subject includes the following topics:

The English Language: Idioms and Phrases
Fill-in-the-Blanks Questions
Word Order
Sequencing of Sentences
Careful Choice of Words
Comparison of Synonyms and Antonyms
Assembly of Sentences
Find the Mistake Exercises
True or False Questions on Topics of Common Knowledge
History, Physics, and the Economy
Chemistry Sociology and Geography
The Defense Department’s Honors
Naturalistic Physical Activity in the Natural World
Laws of indices, rational expressions, conditional identities, polynomial theories, the remainder theorem, basic operations, etc. in algebra.
Arithmetic, including prime and composite number tests, Euclidean algorithms, percentages, unitary approaches, and more.
Height and distance computations, trigonometric tables, trigonometric identities, and the values of sin, cos, and tan for x are all covered in this section on trigonometry.
Locations, circle characteristics, angle features, comparable triangles, parallel lines, parallel theorems, angle theorems, flat figures, etc.
Measures of central tendency, diagrams of frequency polygons, data tabulation, etc. are all examples of statistical methods.

Who can take this test, and what are the prerequisites?

Those who wish to join India’s armed forces must first satisfy stringent requirements in the areas of
Individual’s Marital and Educational Backgrounds
The Military College
A young adult (19-24)
A single person’s marital status
Air Force Academy graduate is required educational qualification.
between the ages of 19 and 23
There are two possible marital statuses: married and single.
Requirements for Admission to the Naval Academy: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Completion of the 10+2 Program
A young adult (19-22)
A single person’s marital status
Officers’ Training Academy for Women Minimum Requirement: Engineering Degree from an Accredited University
From the ages of 19-25
Relationship Status: Single, childless, or divorced women.
Officers’ Training School Graduates Men is a Required Educational Step
Those between the ages of 19 and 25
A single person’s marital status
Minimum Requirement – Completion of High School
Physical examinations administered by trained medical personnel are also mandatory.

5. What should I do to get ready for the CDS test?

In order to succeed in the CDS exam, you should:
Construct a schedule for consistent study.
Break up the CDS curriculum and study for it over a longer time frame.
Keep your General Knowledge up-to-date by reading newspapers on a regular basis.
Test your time management skills by using old exams.
Don’t try to juggle all of your subjects at once; instead, focus on mastering one at a time.
Make time to hone your skills!

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