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In addition to expanding one’s horizons, acquiring a breadth of general knowledge helps sharpen one’s capacity for abstract thought. It also enhances your awareness and sensitivity to the world around you. You can increase your self-assurance by learning more.

In addition, many employers will have you complete a test to gauge your level of expertise in a given area. Read on to find out what we mean when we talk about “general knowledge” and which books are considered to be the greatest in this category.

Can you define a book of general knowledge?

As its name implies, a general knowledge book covers information that is applicable to all areas of life. Current events, scientific discoveries, fashion trends, international politics, artistic expression, and other related fields are all fair game.

The Handbook of Journalism is a great resource for anyone interested in mass media and public relations.

Teachers and students in academic fields aren’t the only ones who benefit from a well-rounded education; entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, farmers, and other professionals all rely on a solid foundation of general knowledge. Knowing what’s going on allows you to quickly incorporate improvements brought about by new breakthroughs into your organisation or workplace.

Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introduction book series is a great place to look if you want a high-level overview of a topic authored by specialists. Cosmology, history, logic, the French Revolution, cryptography, quantum mechanics, plato, terrorism, and many more are all up for grabs!

Acquiring a broad range of skills and insights can be beneficial.

The following advantages are yours for the taking if you read books to expand your mind:

engaging in deep discourse. Do this with anyone you like: coworkers, friends, interviewers, instructors, relatives, or even complete strangers.
You’ll excel in your academic studies and perform better on tests and exams.
If you educate yourself, you’ll have a better chance of making wise choices and breaking into the lucrative investment market.
You may make a good impression on the interviewer and the admissions committee at your dream school if you come across as someone who is well-informed.
You have the ability to aid others in their quest for knowledge of the cosmos and in doing so, to contribute to their own growth.
Interacting with people from other walks of life is more likely to succeed when your worldview is well-rounded and untainted by prejudice.
When your worldview is solid, no one can make you believe anything they want to. This way, nothing can stand in the way of your future success.
You are not content with accepting the world as it is and instead tend to examine its workings.

The Best Books for General Knowledge on Competitive Exams

If you’re studying for a competitive exam and want to improve your general knowledge, I recommend these three books:

I. Lucent’s Background Information

When it comes to cramming for standardised tests, this is the greatest book you can buy. It’s nearly 400 pages long and manages to cover every topic, big or small, in a succinct manner. It’s written in layman’s terms, and the key aspects are reinforced with footnotes. In the last days before tests, this will make for a smooth and efficient period of review.

Arihant Express’s General Knowledge 2022

The current events section of this book by Arihant Express is always up to date, making it a great choice. You will have a rock-solid foundation in modern affairs thanks to the exhaustive coverage and absence of any inaccuracies in the provided facts.

Pearson’s Concise General Knowledge Handbook, 2020 Edition

For the past 15 years, this has been the go-to resource for students studying for both public and private exams. The book provides a thorough examination of the subject at hand, as well as essential information presented in tabular form for easy perusal.

General knowledge-boosting bonus reading

The aforementioned books on general knowledge are merely the tip of the iceberg.

You probably didn’t learn all 3,684 of the things that Judy Jones and William Wilson include in their book, An Incomplete Education.
Child’s Encyclopedia: Manasvi Vohra’s Inventors, Discoveries, and Scientists
A Common Ignorance, by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson
Jennifer Kellett’s The Mega General Knowledge Quiz Book: 500+ Trivia Questions
One of Bill Bryson’s books, A Short History of Nearly Everything,
The Everything Encyclopedia, by Parragon Books
EB’s Encyclopdia Britannica vs. Imam Al-Book Ghazzali’s of Knowledge

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