Books on the English Language: 10 Outstanding Textbooks

In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to have strong grammar skills. The ability to communicate effectively lays the groundwork for success in school and the workplace. Our recommended reading list will help you become a better communicator in any medium, written or oral English.

Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English

Few efforts have been made to combine oral and written language instruction in English Language Teaching (ELT). This book is an excellent tool for doing just that, so feel free to consult it whenever you need to brush up on your grammar knowledge. They coordinate the English language in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

Justifications for our recommendation

They include many chapters devoted to different word combinations and sentence constructions.
This book presents an improved method for studying English grammar.
The book is structured around 3,000 of the most common English words and phrases.

2. Longman’s Grammar for the Most Advanced Students

This is the next level of grammar study for individuals who have been at it for some time. The more complex structure of this book includes things like verb patterns and circumstances. More can be learned in less time with this book.

This is the best option for those preparing for English proficiency tests (like IELTS or CAE). This can help you create a consistent grammatical system in your everyday communications, and it can be used in conjunction with texts designed for specific exams.

Why would we even recommend that?

The book’s authors give interesting tests to help you evaluate your progress beyond the core exercises.
Useful tables to recap previously learnt grammar concepts quickly.
A complete method for learning and applying English grammar.
Third, the use of English’s keywords in the context of “Natural Grammar.”
Scott Thornbury provides examples, set phrases, idioms, and phrasal verbs across the book’s many chapters. The book also includes examples of how to use English vocabulary associated with competition in everyday speech.

Justifications for our recommendation

It is not theoretically grounded and instead focuses on practical applications of the English language.
This book’s layout makes it a breeze to read and understand.

Four Cambridge English Grammars: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced

Raymond Murphy has compiled an incredible set of books that covers all the bases when it comes to the essentials of the English language. These three books form a set with the intention of fulfilling language responsibilities.

The Cambridge Essential is the greatest English grammar book for standardised tests because it contains advanced techniques used in the academic community. The most difficult questions from Cambridge Essentials are addressed in this book.

Justifications for our recommendation

The information in the book will help you become more fluent in both spoken and written Chinese.
This book is useful for students of all ages.
With a wide range of question types and a vast number of question papers, the Cambridge Essential Series covers practically all of the language’s bases.

5. Proficient command of English grammar

Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar, Rachel Spack Koch, and Stacy A. Hagen provides the in-depth information necessary to master grammar.

If you have an intermediate to advanced level of proficiency and prefer self-directed study, this book may be useful to you. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the full package before buying a book, as some of them don’t include an answer key.

Justifications for our recommendation

The principles of articles, verb conjugation, punctuation, and other grammatical issues are covered in the workbook alongside challenging questions and helpful examples.
The book provides a thorough method that will enable you to communicate effectively in English.
This is the greatest book for acquiring an advanced level of English grammar knowledge.

Outline of English Grammar, 6th Edition (Schaum’s)

Students who prefer more conventional approaches to education and who can study grammar without the aid of pictures or creative activities will find Eugene Ehrlich’s book helpful.

Justifications for our recommendation

Aspiring writers can benefit from this.
If you want to learn more about grammar and improve your writing overall, this book can help you do both.

Bluebook: A Guide to Correct Spelling and Grammar

The eleventh edition of the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation has been released. Fans of the series will appreciate the improvements made since the last edition.

The book provides an accessible guide for grammar, punctuation, and usage. Jean Straus, Lester Kaufman, and Tom Stern are the authors.

Justifications for our recommendation
There are several exercises and tests both before and after the lesson.
Minimalist design.
The correct use of punctuation and examples of its application are demonstrated in a way that is accessible to readers of varying ages.

8. A Practical Guide to English Grammar

This book by Raymond Murphy contains the results of his extensive investigation. Many topics from earlier editions of English Grammar in Use have been updated for the new paperback fourth edition. Improvements have been made to the book’s layout and design.

Justifications for our recommendation

The newer, improved edition has more such examples.
Increased readability of information presented.
It is simple to find the information you need in this book.

9. A Student’s Book of Basic Grammar for Everyday Use

When studying North American English, the book “Basic Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy is an excellent resource. This paperback, now in its third edition, presents a concise and comprehensible introduction to grammar’s fundamentals. As far as the range of grammatical concepts taught, its 116 lessons are comprehensive.

Justifications for our recommendation

A clear description of a concept can be found on one page, while a set of exercises designed to test that concept’s mastery can be found on the opposite page.
Useful as both a reference and a textbook for learning and practising English grammar.
The CD-ROM includes tests, activities, games, and solutions to the activities.

For number ten, I recommend the Oxford A-Z Guide to Grammar and Punctuation.

John Seely’s latest edition of his popular textbook maintains the same basic style as its predecessor but adds new material on punctuation that may prove useful in more advanced classrooms.

Justifications for our recommendation

Both the grammatical and vocabulary sections of this book are really well done.
Includes several real-life citations from the English language.
The updated version features corrected examples of sentences.
That which we have to say
The aforementioned books are great resources for improving one’s grammar because each contains its own special elements and covers a wide variety of topics.
The volumes cover the fundamentals of English grammar necessary for one’s progress in both speaking and writing the language.
The internet is just one of many places that people can go to learn proper grammar usage. However, we still recommend reading English grammar books because they provide all you need in one spot instead of scattering your time throughout the internet.
Now that their content is also available in audiobook format, more people than ever before will be able to benefit from these works.
To that end, we offer our sincere appreciation for reading this site. Leave a comment and tell us what you think! If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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