Learn the meanings of sixty new English terms!

Overview of Recent English Language Terms

According to research conducted by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), there are roughly 1,019,729 unique words in the English language. In addition, the GLM claims that a new term enters the English language somewhere in the world every 98 minutes on average. Knowledge of the latest words added to English dictionaries is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Language is divided into four major categories by educators around the world: vocabulary used in hearing, vocabulary used in speaking, vocabulary used in reading, and vocabulary used in writing.

Why Learning New Words in English Is Crucial

The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the importance of clear, concise, and effective communication. With so much of our lives now taking place online, it’s important to have a formidable lexicon in English in order to communicate effectively.

Here are 60 new terms in English along with their definitions to assist you improve your language skills if you’ve made the decision to expand your vocabulary.

Important Takeaways

English dictionaries are regularly updated with the addition of new terms.
Improving one’s vocabulary is a great method to enhance one’s ability to express oneself.
Reading, talking, listening, and writing are the four main ways in which vocabulary is used and learned.
The aforementioned word list is an excellent resource for expanding your English vocabulary in general.

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