Recommended reading for banking examinations.

There are a number of tests you can take if you’re interested in working in banking. Take the SBI, RBI, IBPS, IPPB, NABARD, or IIBF exams if you’re interested in a banking job. Among these, the IBPS tests give you the most options for employment. Let’s have a look at the exam’s scope and the recommended preparation materials.

Exam content for the IBPS

The banking industry’s employment agency is called the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). Exams like these are administered by the Ministry of Finance to encourage students at all levels to pursue careers as officers. Groups A, B, C, and D reflect their relative positions. Candidates like these are subsequently snatched up by the nationalised banks.

It’s one of the most challenging tests of its kind in the country. About 50,000,000 students tried to get into this test. There are four topics and chunks of this that demand your attention. Here is a list of them.

The IBPS, SBI, and RBI examinations all cover similar ground in these areas. For preparation for either test, the following books can be helpful resources. What are some of the finest books for passing bank exams?

Financial and general education

This course’s main purpose is to familiarise pupils with the field they hope to enter. Included are the evolution of banking in India, the types of financial institutions that exist, and the significance of the banking sector to the country’s overall economy. You can use these books as resources as you get ready.

Capacity with numbers

The applicant’s ability to reason quantitatively, logically, and analytically will be put to the test. To further prepare for this exam, you can take sample tests online or at a testing centre. The topics covered range from algebra to data interpretation to ageing to number series to, well, everything. In order to become ready, you can use these books as resources.

Foreign Language: English

This course is designed to improve both your grammar and vocabulary skills in English. Included are discussions on such things as reading comprehension, proper word usage, idioms, phrases, etc. In order to further your education, I recommend reading the following texts.


In the context of banking exams, this is the favoured topic. Questions including inputs and outputs, syllogism, encoding and decoding, blood relations, and other such themes will be on the table. Similar to developing quantitative aptitude, practising with sample tests can help you improve your performance. While studying for it, these books will prove very helpful.

What to read for a bank exam

Here are a few more reading materials to consider. Use these to learn about any of the topics.

Observations of note

Questions on all bank exams cover similar ground. Studying books and doing practise problems can help you get ready.
All of the greatest banking books we’ve recommended above offer detailed advice on a wide range of related topics.
Top publishing houses have supplied books where you can rehearse for exams.
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