Academic institutions in the United Kingdom that have adopted Duolingo

The Duolingo test has become increasingly popular since the outbreak. In 2012, the exam was introduced as an alternate to the more established IELTS, Pearson Test of English, and Test of Spoken English. Many top schools in the UK are considering accepting Duolingo scores as proof of English competency. The growing number of UK institutions accepting Duolingo in 2022 provides fantastic opportunities.

The Value of Duolingo’s Practice Test

Accessible, fast, and safe, it facilitates an English proficiency test, video interview, and writing sample. Consider some of the advantages of taking the Duolingo exam.

Results from the DET exam are recognised by a wide variety of colleges and universities. We anticipate a future increase in this number.
You can increase your confidence by practising with several practise tests before the real thing.
The reasonable price of $49 USD makes the testing fee a good investment.
The time limit for the exam is likewise rather short. The average time is 90 minutes, so this one takes 45-60 minutes longer.
The results can be obtained in as little as two days, or 48 hours, which is a huge benefit.
The DET exam is straightforward and easy to schedule.
Over the final 10 minutes, you’ll develop immense self-assurance as your videotaped responses are played again on the screen.

Format for Duolingo’s Evaluations

The DET, or Duolingo English Test, is an interactive online exam that lasts for 60 minutes. The test evaluates your fluency in all aspects of the English language: oral, written, and aural. In addition, the order of the questions is deliberately constructed to probe your capacity to think critically and creatively.

Reconstructing a word or phrase that was missing letters
Identifying imitation English words
Candidates are given a statement, which is typed for them.
In-Image Description
After that, they will have a video interview where they can choose one of the two topics to talk about, and then they will have to write about one of the two topics. Get your result on a scale from 10-160 within two days of finishing the exam.

In addition, schools that recognise Duolingo scores receive access to a broader application pool, allowing them to evaluate candidates thoroughly via video interviews, written samples, and Duolingo scores.

What are the benefits of a British education?

We’ll get into which UK institutions accept Duolingo after we cover why you should study in the UK.

Worldwide viewpoint

Studying in the United Kingdom puts you in contact with people from all over the world. Meeting people from all walks of life will greatly broaden your perspective.

Superior Schooling

Universities in the United Kingdom are among the world’s oldest and most prestigious. These schools are well regarded for their academic quality, and they also boast excellent faculty members that make class time entertaining.

Job Perspectives

In the United Kingdom, children as young as five can find part-time jobs that help them learn the value of hard work. All overseas students who complete their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom are eligible to stay for up to two years and find gainful employment according to a Graduate Route programme launched by the government last year.

Academic institutions in the United Kingdom that have adopted Duolingo

The English Proficiency Test by Duolingo is used by 68 universities in the UK. The following are examples of UK institutions that accept Duolingo for entrance purposes:

The University of East Anglia
There is a university in Bangor.
It’s the University of Bristol
Brunel is the university’s name.
Schooling at Birmingham
School Name: Queen’s University, Belfast
School of Brunel
Middlesex College
Hertfordshire University
Leeds Beckett College
Institution of Higher Learning in Plymouth
Lincoln University
College of Portsmouth
Located in the heart of London, Kingston University the University of South Bank
Westminster Solent University
Bristol, England’s University of the West of England
The College at Leicester
College of the East Anglian Peninsula
West of Scotland University
In the city of Strathclyde, Scotland, stands the University of Strathcly
Welsh University of South
Schooling at Aberdeen
School of Staffordshire
College of Higher Learning at Surrey
The Bangor Institution of Higher Learning
Glasgow There is a university called Caledonian.
The University of Nottingham Trent
International School of Business at Hult
Catholic University of America at San Diego
Hertfordshire University
London University of Bath’s College of Modern and Contemporary Art
The City of Birmingham Institution of Higher Learning
Western Scotland University
Sheffield Institution of Higher Learning Hallam

You may find a list of the top UK schools that recognise Duolingo below.

The University of East Anglia

Established in 1858 by William John Beaumont, Anglia Ruskin University was given university status in 1992 and christened after John Ruskin in 2005. One of the public colleges established after 1992, it originated as the School of Art.

There is a university in Bangor.

The city of Bangor, Wales is home to the public Bangor University. It is one of the founding institutions of The Federation of Wales and has won multiple honours for academic achievement and internship opportunities for its students. The university has maintained its stellar reputation since its founding in 1884.

It’s the University of Bristol

This institution is ranked #62 in the world by the 2019 Queen’s World University Rankings. Among the most prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom, it boasts groundbreaking work in areas such as preventing infant mortality and developing nanotechnology.

School of Brunel

The Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel is honoured with the University bearing his name. The University houses three major research institutions and three colleges. It is the university’s unique campus-centric nature that ensures students are never more than ten minutes away from campus at any given time.

Schooling at Birmingham

In the business world, Birmingham is well-known for its native talent. It’s a respectable school because it attracts more than 34,000 students annually. Since its founding in 1990, this institution in the West Midlands and across the UK has flourished.

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