1996 Elder Scrolls game re-release with modern controls, HD


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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall important for a variety of reasons, due to its pioneering place in the series, which will include Morrowind, oblivion as well as Skyrim to the fact that she was the winner of the Game of the Year in her own right. The thing is, the game is a 1996 3D adventure and trying to play it in 2022 sucks.

Through no fault of your own! It’s just that early 3D games didn’t have the universal fluidity and ease of movement that we associate more modern games with, and that’s why anyone who was more familiar with the later games in the series is trying to play. Daggerfall will now be in for a fight.

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall – Gameplay

Or they would if they tried to reproduce the original 1996 release (above). Instead, they could play wonderful Daggerfall Unity – GOG Version, which just came out in Good Old Games. This is not an official Bethesda release; rather, it’s the work of a team of modders who packaged everything together for showcase release:

Play a reimagined version of the classic RPG from The Elder Scrolls series. Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut offers amazing experiences for today’s gamers. This was made possible thanks to a whole team of passionate creators working under the banner Daggerfall Unity.

Launched over a decade ago by Gavin “Interkarma” Clayton, this ambitious project aims to bring a new generation of gamers a unique experience of the classic open-world RPG. Thanks to the efforts of GamerZakh, a classic-loving gaming content creator, you can now enjoy the special GOG Cut of the Daggerfall Unity game.

All you have to do is download the game and just run it. The GOG version of Daggerfall Unity does not require any special action or updates on your behalf. With customizations and mods selected by GamerZakh, you can explore the rich world of Daggerfall with improved visuals and gameplay.

Some of the highlights of this version of the game are some high resolution visuals (completely redone in Unity, hence the name, though whether or not they are improvement TBD) with new lighting, much longer draw distance, mod support, and most importantly, a number of quality-of-life improvements, including smoother first-person controls.

You can download the package is freeand check out the full list of modders involved, on the GOG website.

We have modified the new Daggerfall Remaster in 2022!

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