10 More Exciting Indie Games To Add To Your Steam Wishlist Today

A screenshot of an orange-lit forest from Arctic Awakening.

Image: GoldFire Studios / Kotaku

As previously statedtoday is the day of all gaming sites that do not hate their readers, their country, their God, publish as much as possible about unknown indie games as punishment for all this triple nonsense that takes our lives. So, read on for 10 more games you’ve never heard of before but will be so glad you found out.

Once again, this is not an endorsement of these games, mainly because most of them haven’t come out yet. for now. But these games caught my attention when I received them in an email, and they certainly deserve a spot on your Steam wishlist.

GoldFire Studios

Developer: GoldFireStudios

Released: 2023

A wish list

I never knew how much I wanted a cross between fire department as well as long darkness until you see the trailer Arctic awakening. A first-person narrative adventure set in the aftermath of a plane crash in the Arctic, accompanied only by a seemingly useless AI hovering drone. You are looking for your missing co-pilot and a way to return home again, but something very strange is happening in these parts.

1 simple game

Developer: 1 simple game

Released: TBA

Game Test/Wishlist

Roguelites with insane top-down action aren’t all that few, but pairing all that violence with bright, cheerful colors and silly fun is definitely the way to go. I am not jelly just so alive! It makes me want to beat those health bars even more. Plus, the trailer boasts some lovely cartoonish cutscenes, although, and I don’t mean to offend anyone here, they look like jelly.

IIf you request access on Steam, you can access an early build right now.

Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow Official Gameplay Trailer

Developer: Tomas “THdev” Halajko

Released: 2022


Don’t be fooled by the fact that YouTube is still out there, it’s not a mobile hidden object game. In fact, it’s a hell of a great-looking third-person adventure that looks like it’s taking place in 3D. Proteus. It is described as a “stealth game”, although this is not visible in the trailer. But I love the way these magic arrows look and it looks like you’ll be upgrading your bow all the time as you play.

Schweep Games

Developer: Shweep Games

Released: 2022


2D survival horror, machine that breathes (so unfortunately the name of the game) draws inspiration from both Resident Evil as well as System shock, then presents things through a buggy pixelated world where running would be far more effective than confrontation. I was intrigued by this sloppiness, combined with her puzzles and the description of the game that ends with “and I exist.”

Digital games

Developer: Digital Games

Released: 2022

A wish list

If I gave you fifteen guesses that Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire was about, it will be your too belated sixteenth guess where you come up with “action farm bagel”.

Voltaire is Dracula’s last son and apparently his biggest disappointment as he forgoes human flesh in favor of… plant flesh. So you farm during the day (presumably with a thick hood) and at night have to fend off your father’s henchmen who want your plant-based lifestyle to be destroyed.

Why Kev

Developer: WhyKev

Released: TBA

A wish list

As the name suggests, PaperClay This is a game of paper and clay. The 3D cardboard levels can be rotated to fit the game as you run around the little clay chicken. All this looks absolutely charming.


Developer: SomeHumbleOnion

Released: end of 2022

A wish list

Poor Mushi’s mushroom is lost, and also very cute, which leaves us no choice but to try to save him. It’s an open-world platformer that aims for a cozy, healthy vibe, and it’s all the creation of a lone developer. This slide looks so cute and serene, I want to be that little mushroom right now.


Developer: The Psychiartist

Released: TBA


At the very other end of the useful spectrum is rea game that frankly looks terrifying. You play as a cute bunny bunny who is just desperate to escape from some horrible, twisted monsters stuck in a labyrinth of obstacles, forced to always run. You see, this is an autorunner. But with ominous tones Tamperand it looks creepy in real life. I can not wait.

Rhea’s Path – PAX East 2022 Trailer

Developer: Anthropic Studios

Released: 2022


You know you can’t get through the door if your fur isn’t the same color, right? Well, Way of Rhea this puzzle game is exactly about that experience. The 2D cartoon game offers challenging puzzles but in a pleasing way that allows players to easily correct mistakes.

Gather Entertainment

Developer: Gametopia

Released: 2023


One of my favorite stupid things when the media confuses the author of the work with the star of the work. All those who adaptation Time Machine what Cast HOUR. J. Wells himself as a man who to the future make me delighted. Here, in Verne: Fantasy Formsomehow Jules joins Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus and they go in search of Atlantis! Yes!

The game itself looks intriguing, in the style of a 2D adventure but with some kind of time rewind mechanic, and it’s right on my wish list.

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